The life of a die will last longer in the hands of experts – and no company is more expert than IMCO. Infact, IMCO has been repairing and improving the life of a multitude of dies for over 12 years. During that time we have serviced India’s forging Industry, whilst forging a reputation for quality, competitiveness and punctual delivery. Now that expertise is being taken round the world with International work being carried out not only in countries like Pakistan, Dubai but also USA.

Specialising in Flood Welding and Overlay Welding, IMCO is one of the most experienced operators in India today. Based in Mumbai, IMCO can offer a host of services under one roof. Utilizing the skills of a committed and motivated workforce, we are well-known for producing quality work and innovative ideas.

The secret of our success is treating every job as unique-each customer requires a totally tailored solution to their problem. That flexibility of approach leads to quick answers to sometimes difficult questions. The end product should always be customer satisfaction. Our customers know, that’s what IMCO gives them.

Innovation is another key to our on-going success. We are always investigating new ways to tackle old problems so that we can provide even more effective, longer-lasting solutions to the life and performance of our customers machines and dies.

We have a great deal to offer ad would welcome the opportunity to talk to your about how we can increase your Machine and Die Life.

Case Studies

10 Ton Ram Repair

A Cast Steel RAM of a 10 Ton Hammer of one of our client had numerous cracks. After initial inspection, the RAM was gouged and all cracks removed. The cracks were almost 500 mm – 600 mm deep in some places and 300 mm – 400 mm wide.

Post gouging the RAM was restrained from all sides using bars to prevent cracking, deformation of RAM due to heat cycling.

Once all the sides were restrained adequately, the RAM was preheated to 500 C in a gas fired furnace. The RAM was later covered with Ceramic Bricks and Blanket for proper heat Insulation. The RAM was intermittently heated with natural gas burners to maintain the inter-pass temperature between 250-300 C.

Welding was done in stages using Crack resistant welding electrodes and Wires. The bulk of the welding was done using welding wires to give higher productivity and quality.

The RAM was heated through a Stress Relieving Cycle to normalize and remove all stresses.

Once the RAM returns to room temperature, it is machined by the clients.

The 10 ton RAM was a challenging job due to the quantum of welding required to remove all cracks.

Repair Bolster of 8000 Tons

100 Ton Tub Repair

IMCO has had the privilege to work on the World’s Biggest Hammers and Presses for the Top Forging Companies. Working on the DG 80H Counterblow Hammers is one such job that we are proud of.

IMCO has repaired the Bottom and Top TUBs of the DG 80H 3 times using the specialized welding techniques mastered over the years.