Surface Engineering And Wear Solutions For Paper And Pulp Industry

IMCO has a long time involvement in paper industry. IMCO has set a bench mark in an all-round surface wear solutions for the paper industry to enhance the quality of product with increased productivity as a result of reduced paper breaks & reduced down time. Partner with us and take advantage of our experience in dealing with your wear issues.

Advantages of Thermal Spray

  • Cost Effective
  • Large Build Ups
  • Low Heat Application

Economical Applications for:

  • Dimensional Restoration
  • Wear Resistance
  • Heat Protection
  • Corrosion Protection


Rotary dryers potentially represent the oldest continuous and undoubtedly the most common high volume dryer used in industry & can be termed as the most needy component that becomes the identity of a paper industry. Drying being surface phenomenon requires the cylinder surface to be of be smooth as possible. As in absence of which the product quality degrades & even reducing machine speed as a result of increased paper break frequency. With rich experience in dryer coating & grinding , we have proven ourselves as the pioneer in Surface Engineering for Indian Paper industry.

IMCO provides service for the following:

  • Dryer Cylinders
  • Creep Bottom Roll
  • Canvas Stretch Roll

IMCO provides the following service on the above

  • High Chrome Steel coating
  • Teflon Coating
  • Onsite Grinding
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Rebuilding of worn out Bearing Journals

M G Cylinder

Also known as the heart of Tissue/kraft paper manufacturing unit, quality surface of which is of utmost importance. Due to the continuous usage of doctor blade against it the surface wears out at a very rapid pace. IMCO has the experience and a strong track record coating & grinding M G Cylinders of any dimension, by our highly skilled & mobilized team of technicians with the finest of the results at par with international standards at comparatively lower price.

Calendar Roll

Calendaring is basically done to make paper even smoother & also give it a uniform thickness. Whereas Super calendar rolls increases the density of paper, smoothness & gloss. As the calendaring directly affects the quality of paper produced smooth roll surface is a major concern for user department.

Winder Drum

Even after quality product is manufactures on paper machine, production loss can occur to a great extent on winder due to poor (not exactly as is desired) surface finish of winder roll. By using our original, special thermal spraying technique, a thin film having a fine and irregular pattern is formed on the surface of winder. Thanks to this technique, slipping of paper can stop exactly and a high speed operation can be carried out evading conventional troubles* in a single spell.

Boiler Tube Coatings

Uninterrupted power supply is paramount for any Industry and at a top priority to keep the production high to meet the market demands.

Boiler tube leakage is one of the major power plant breakdowns resulting in production loss to a great extent. IMCO Alloys Liquid Metal boiler Tube Coat assures the client for zero breakdowns due to boiler tube puncture for specified time duration. Making the service very effective & fruitful in a process industry.

Amorphous Coatings resist the various wear factors like Erosion, Atmospheric Corrosion, Chemical Corrosion, Sliding wear, Thermal Barriers and also enhance the life of most critical applications of Power Plants.

Pulp Screw Mill

Is one the very important unit of a paper mill, machinery of which is exposed to a lot of chemicals resulting in a great surface wear. To keep up the quality of pulp produced Screws in press used play an important role. ATS does thermal spraying on worn out screws to give the component an enhanced service life. We also manufacture the coated screws & sleeves used in P/mill which do have longer life & gives better service. Results been proven.


IMCO can rebuild shafts of various sizes. Pump, Motors Shafts worn out at bearing, seal areas can be salvaged by IMCO and help you in saving cost for your plant.
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