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The IMCO Dam rings are made with completely replaceable segments. Previous solutions of welding worn out areas is time consuming and not cost effective at all. Our solution enables replacing worn out sections of the dam ring within two hours. This helps reduce downtime, increase efficiency and save money.


Result of Support/Dam Ring:

Saving Head

Existing Solutions

IMCO solution


Replacement time per mill

5-6 days 

1 day (Max)

Shut down time reduced by 80%

  • Productivity increased 
  • Mill uptime increased

Resources required 

Crane required

Only simple tools required

Imco Zuper block segments held by nuts and bolt arrangements. Only simple tools required to change segments.

Hardfacing required

IN 3-4 weeks 

No hardfacing 

Imco solutions does not require any hard facing having an excellent Zuper metal matrix composite carbide metallurgy to withstand very high abrasion and erosion wear.

Man power

2-3 person or more

1 person (max)

Imco replaceable segments have easy assembly and disassembly mechanisms. Only one person can remove or replace the worn out segments 

Mill efficiency

Lower (Faster wear rate)

Higher (Uniform properties throughout)

Faster wear rates result in frequent hardfacing which causes higher stresses induced in base material and frequent shutdown periods. In case of IMCO solution, having a lower rate of wear which indirectly increases efficiency and lowers the power consumption considerably. 

Key Benifits