Zuper Block is an extremely strong abrasion resistant complex carbide casting metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate. These casting have a minimum hardness of 770HV and contain carbides upto 1500HV.

Sand (silica) and other abrasive materials harvested with sugar cane can cause sever wear on shredder/fibrizor hammers. Replacing these parts with Zuper Blocks can substantially reduce wear, giving considerable savings in down time and lost production.Zuper block is the most cost effective sugar mill shredder tip available which is fitted to the hammer shanks with a single bolt and spigot located for extra strength, reliability and better P. I. These tips can be easily replaceable and all four sides can be used giving a longer life to the hammer body and reducing power consumption. Repeated welding leads to huge stresses and heat effected zone. This is the worlds most cost effective and time saving method compared to any hardfacing welding.

The Original source of sugar production from Sugarcane is in India. India is the second largest producer of Sugarcane next to Brazil. Presently 4 million hectares of land is under sugarcane cultivation with an average yield of 70 tons per hectare. This is the one of the largest industry which supports the world’s economy strongly. The major problem of this industry is early wear and tear of its machinery parts and equipments due to alcoholic content of Sugar juice and abrasion due to high fiber content in sugarcane.

IMCO Alloys is a leading manufacturer, exporter of wear resistant products with a range of unique competitive and cost effective solutions. IMCO make Zuper products are an excellent solution for wear and tear problems in industrial applications due to abrasion, corrosion, impact and heat. The range of Zuper Product include fibrizor hammers body with sintered carbide blocks, Cane cutter and leveler knife body with sintered carbide tip, Anvil Plate with sintered carbide segments, special wear plates for Static Collar/stationery flanges, Thrash plates with carbides and coatings, latest roller welding technology etc. For more details, you may visit our products segment.

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