IMCO Alloys is committed to providing outstanding customer service in many ways. We believe in partnering with our customers, which means anticipating needs, being responsive to requirements, around the clock emergency availability, and providing a broad range of products and services.

IMCO Alloys offers our patented “Amorphous” Coating for water-tube and fire-tube boilers for the Power Plant Industry. This latest technology forms a structure very different from crystalline alloys by placing atoms randomly in a continuous coating, eliminating the corrosion-path grain boundaries. A very minimal surface roughness of less than a few atoms is achieved giving a glassy, ultra-smooth surface which provides very low coefficient of friction. This not just enhances the performance efficiency but also life expectancy of the equipment.

Our reconditioned boilers and boiler tubes not only meet, but frequently exceed all of the original performance specifications, and can deliver the same performance and life expectancy as new equipment. Our strict quality system ensures that every job undertaken has maintained the appropriate credentials and ASME code standards.

Grinding Roll Zuper Segment is an extremely strong abrasion resistant composite consisting of complex carbides in a metallic matrix bonded to a steel backing plate having minimum hardness of 770 Hv.