The most critical wearing components in mining operations are buckets, track pads, crushing hammers & Dozer Blades, tooth points, drilling tools, etc.

IMCO Alloys is a one stop solution for your application wear & tear problems. The tooth point and adaptors are cast from alloy steel specifically designed to meet the toughest operating conditions to maximize impact and wear resistance duly coated with various chrome – moly coatings for toughness and durability.

We have a comprehensive range of special carbides protective for Tooth points, Adapters, Drilling Tools, Chute & Hopper, Cyclones, Liners, Fan Casings, Classifier Screens, Coke Oven, Sinter plants & Grizzly Bars. Various tooth points and drilling tools can be made as per requirement depending on different types of wear patterns. All these wearing components are provided with adequate carbide solutions which gives prolonged working life and very high efficiency to your costly equipment with cost effective solutions to your organization.

IMCO Sugar Roller
Zuper Fuse
Zuper Block
Zuper Tip
Zuper Anvil Segments
Zuper Blade
Zuper Teardrop Technology
Swing Hub leveller
Thrash Plate with Replaceable Carbide tip
Paper And Pulp