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Grinding Tyres


Grinding Rolls/Rollers/Tyres have evolved over the past many years. However, they have not been able to keep up with the developments in the product, and failed to give advantage to the customer in terms of higher productivity, and cost per running hour.

Our latest innovation, The IMCO make Grinding roller tyre is modified with Zuper replaceable segments fused with Zuper metal matrix ceramic Composites and with complete machining and finishing.

Details of parts:

A) - Zuper MMCC - Replaceable segments :

Mother core made of base material Cast Iron duly normalized and machined to undertake the necessary grooving for fitment having 450-550 MPA Tensile strength and 250- 300 MPA Yield strength along with Specialized hardfacing with chromium carbide (FCW) having hardness of 56-60 Hrc thickness 6-8 mm.

B) - Hi Chrome Roller - Hard carbide layer ( made as per composition )

Specialized metal matrix ceramic composites duly fused and impregnated in a sintered chromium carbides having 60-62 Hrc hardness on surface with primary and secondary carbide hardness is 790 -1500 hv and metal matrix ceramic composite hardness is upto 10-14 Gpa Vicker’s hardness.

C)- Sintered Cast Roller (Ceramic inserts)

Top plate clamp made of base material hardened steel with hardfacing of sintered carbides having hardness of 56-60 Hrc thickness 6-8 mm fitted with high tensile bolts, suitable locking washers and locking

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