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Imco Alloys is a top manufacturer and supplier of wear-resistant goods, offering a variety of distinctive, affordable, and efficient solutions.


Keeping up with technical innovation, the cement industry has grown into a more technologically advanced and competitive field.


The most essential wearing components in mining operations are buckets in track pods, crushing hammers with hundreds of blades, tooth points, drilling tools.


Imco Alloys provides its unique "Amorphous" coating for water-tube and tire-tube boilers in the electricity generation industry.

Key to Total wear Solutions

We Are The Leading Factory in the World

With more than two decades of R&D in the field of metallurgy & meta science, IMCO Alloys is the leading company in providing total wear solutions. This has resulted in technological innovations, creating solutions to minimize wear and tear problems; helping industries globally to save millions of dollars in the form of downtime losses and repair cost, decreasing carbon footprint and enhancing productivity.

Using our core strengths of custom engineering, materials expertise, operational excellence, and rapid execution, we help our customers develop amazing solutions to their toughest technical challenges.



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