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Zuper Fuse


The Zuper Fuse combines a uniform distribution of chromium-rich primary carbides in a carbide-austenite eutectic matrix this produces a wear plate that gives high abrasion resistance with excellent impact properties

The Zuper Fuse is an extremely strong plate fused to a Mild Steel backup plate, can be made in standard size or customized as per requirement. It has a smooth surface, is crack resistant, and has a hardness of 62 – 64 Hrc.


  1. Bauxite mining hopper duly fitted with Zuper fuse
  2. Chutes with Zuper Fuse
  3. Dump Body duly lined with Zuper Fuse smooth plates.
  4. Guide vane or rotor blades with Zuper fuse
  5. Zuper Fuse fitted on a bauxite mining Primary Hopper

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