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Our best seller “ Zuper Hi-Life” Wear Liner is a High Density and Ultra- abrasion. A proprietary technique is used to metallurgically attach a resisting carbide system (60–62 HRc) to a mild steel backing.
Zuper Hi-Life Wear Liner is the greatest wear liner currently available because of its high-quality construction and manufacturing methods.
It performs ten times better than AR400 steel while costing less than one-fourth as much to operate.

IMCO understands the severity of wear and its consequences in the Mining industry. IMCO make Zuper Hi-Life liners that offer high performance and productivity through reduction in downtime

Zuper Hi- Life wears resistant liners that endure high stress irrespective of the multidirectional flow of abrasive media.

Protects Chutes, Hoppers, Bins etc. used in Mining bulk material handling equipment from severe abrasion wear.

Zuper Hi-Life induces impact and defines the revolutionary idea of wear-resistant liners.

The best feature of Zuper Hi- Life is that it comes with a customizable size which broadens its application attribute.

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