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Zuper Hex is extremely strong abrasion resistant composite metal matrix carbide cermets, fixed to a mild steel backing plate. These carbides have a minimum hardness of 1100 Hv to 1500 Hv and can withstand extreme abrasion, erosion wear and high temperature.

Sand, silica and other abrasive materials like feldspar, quartz, dolomite, bauxite, copper-ore, nickel, etc. carry forwarded during mining can cause severe wear in all conveyor systems, bulk handling system, transfer lines, chutes, bunkers, all types of rotary equipments (ball mills etc). Replacing these parts with the Zuper Hex can sustainably reduce the wear giving considerable savings and reduction in the downtime.

Repeated welding leads to huge stresses and heat-affected zones. Zuper hex is the most cost effective replacement available which is fitted with a single bolt or welded to the base. These liners can easily be replaced, giving a longer life and reducing power consumption.

Zuper Hex is the world’s most cost effective and time saving method compared to any hardfacing welding / cast liners.

Major Application of Zuper Hex for high Abrasion/ Impact Applications

  • Chromite mining chutes
  • Iron ore classifier hopper
  • Iron oxide Mining hoppers

Key Benefits

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