ZUPER Ballistic Armour Shield

Defence Products

Zuper Armour Panels for Tanks


Zuper modular metal matrix ceramic composite Armour plates (as shown in the below fig.) can be easily attached and detached at the site and have half of the weight of conventional metal Armour plates, where the weight reduction is upto 30-35%  where our modular design enhances the mobility of the tanks very effectively. Thus, it advances the tank to run into difficult terrain.

Replaceable Metal Matrix Ceramics 

Composite PanelsFor Tanks/Personal Carriers

The most specialized characteristic of ZMMCC technology is the stronger fusion bonding between ceramic and metal. Increase in toughness is due to phase transformation of reinforcement from tetragonal to monoclinic crystal form. ZMMCC is the best technology research using the lightest material having the combined properties of both metal and ceramics.
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