IMCO Welding Solutions


The life of a machine will last longer in the hands of experts – and no company is more expert than IMCO. Infact, IMCO has been repairing and improving the life of a multitude of machine components for over 15 years. During that time we have serviced India’s Forging, Cement, Steel, Constructions, Oil & Gas and Paper Industry, whilst forging a reputation for quality, competitiveness and punctual delivery. Now that expertise is being taken round the world with International work being carried out not only in countries like Pakistan, UAE but also USA.

Specializing in Maintenance and Repair Welding, IMCO is one of the most experienced operators in India today. Based in Mumbai, IMCO can offer a host of services under one roof. Utilizing the skills of a committed and motivated workforce, we are well-known for producing quality work and innovative ideas. The secret of our success is treating every job as unique-each customer requires a totally tailored solution to their problem. That flexibility of approach leads to quick answers to sometimes difficult questions. The end product should always be customer satisfaction. Our customers know, that’s what IMCO gives them.

IMCO provides the following Services to various Industries.

  • Scientific Analysis of Repair Jobs and devising a suitable reclamation process
  • Weld Surfacing / Buildup / Joining using: Gas Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), MIG, MAG
  • Thermal Spray Coatings of Metals, Ceramics, Thermoplastics ,Carbides, Cermets using: HVOF, Twin Wire Arc Spray Process, Spray Fuse Coatings
  • In Situ Hardfacing by Welding
  • Onsite Welding Services and Fixturing for critical jobs
  • Turn key repairs including overhauling
  • Pre-weld and Post Weld Heat Treatments
  • Automated bulk welding system for rebuilding Cement plant rollers, raw mill coal mill liners and Roller segments, steel plant rollers
  • Glass flake coating system for corrosion/erosion protection
  • In Situ repairs to damaged chrome plated components

Flood Welding

Forging is one of the basic & most important steel products manufacturing process. The cost of forging Dies is the most important factor affecting the economy %& the cost of Indiviual forging produced. In order to keep pace with ever increasing competition in the global market, it is becoming absolutely necessary to reduce the tooling cost which will directly reduce the cost of Forging produced, without compromising the quality of the product.

At present the dies in the Forging Industry are prepared by using die steels in the conventional through hardening and tempered condition. These forging dies start wearing very soon and then have to be reworked by sinking down. So the expensive die steel diminishes only after for or five reworks and the remaining thin die has to be scrapped ultimately.

Conventionally hardened & tempered and then Nitrided die steel forging dies offer a comparatively better dies life but a potential problem arising in this case is the increased susceptibility towards cracking. The experiments have shown that this enhanced tendency of crack initiation in nitrided dies is due to comparatively soft backup material. i.e the nitrided case is extremely hard (upto 65 HRC) and the material just below it is only around about 45 HRC. The strength & the hardness of back up material can not be increased any more as a tough core of forging die is extremely necessary.

The quality will be impressive – we work in accordance with ISO 9001/2000 standards. Further reassurance is provided by IMCO’s membership of the Association of Indian Forging Industry and American Welding Society and Indian Welding Society.

Our whole process is geared to ensuring that our customer’s experience minimum inconvenience while gaining maximum benefit from their reconstituted dies. They know we won’t let them down.

Overlay Welding

Another method we successfully use to bring worn dies back to life is through overlay welding. It’s based on the concept of ‘overlaying’ dies instead of completely flood welding a die impression. The process relies on minimum low input and a fast-freeze droplet transfer weld technology – it is known as Demand Arc. Demand Arc weld overlay is a process that is exclusive to IMCO.

One of the main benefits of the minimum heat input overlay system is that it minimises dilution and risk of distortion. It has been particularly effective over the years in the reclamation of extrusion dies, shafts, nozzles, liners and tyre acorns. The concept has enabled us to offer a quality welding service to a wide range of customers.

Like all the services we offer our customers, every job, product and process is keenly priced so that they receive the best value for money.

Plant Machinery Repair

Fractures and Machinery breakdown are a fact of life for users of heavy plant machinery. IMCO offers a proven solution to rapid and effective machinery repair and has established a reputation as a leading provider of plant repairs in the industrial and shipping markets with extensive experience working on repairs of various parts for Open Die and Closed Die Forging

Initially we go out and assess the customer’s problem in situ and workout the swiftest, most effective solution. Back at out Factory we will we will use our extensive knowledge and out tried and tested technology to put the solution to practice.

IMCO never stands still, we are continously looking at new techniques and innovative developments to help lighten the load of the heavy plant user, NOW and in the FUTURE.

IMCO can repair various parts including but not limited to:

Bull Gear
Sow Blocks

Above Pictures Show Repair welding of Bolster of 8000 Ton Press which was completed in record time adhering to the highest technical and quality standards. This Project has indeed enhanced IMCO’s reputation for reconditioning of Forging Components with an eye for precision.

Total Supply Package

Not only do we train our customer’s staff, but also we can offer them the complete welding equipement package. Wherever they are located, we can equip them with the plant they need to carry out all die repair process that we offer. So, with our help, they can have a total capability in welding and repair.

We go further, we supply the flood welding alloys from stock, the materials that they need to carry out the processes. As IMCO is a one-stop-shop providing all you need, we can tailor a totally package flexible package for you.