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About- Condition monitoring systems(CAM)

An international company of repute with over a decade in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of wear resistant solutions to a wide range of industries in India and abroad. Solutions include various applications for crushing hammers, impact blades, rotors, cutter and liners used in different industries such as Sugar, Steel, Cement, Power Stations, Refractory, brick and tiles, Mining, etc. IMCO caters to more than 2000 mills in India and abroad, we export specialized applications to Thailand, Mauritius, China, Australia, Africa, Indonesia, France etc. Team of skilled, highly professional, enthusiastic engineers within reach of our customers.

1. I & A ( Inspection & Analysis) of all critical Mill parts

Entire Mill Area including preparatory devices like Choppers ,Levellers, Fibrisors & Sugar Mill rollers .This includes Shafts & their journal Areas, Rotor bodies, Motors, Anvil , Firbizor hammers, Knife bodies, Rollers, Pinion,Liners, Couplings and other related components. The process involves a thorough inspection of the dismantled components by IMCO experts for visual, dimensional, mechanical, electrical as well as non destructive tests like IT , MPT or DPT as and where required.

2. Recommendations & report submissions:

Based on the condition of the components IMCO will submit a comprehensive report with recommendations for repair, reconditioning or replacement.

3. R&R: Reconditioning and /or Replacement job :

Based on acceptance of proposal ,Components /equipment to be reconditioned or replaced,jobs to be done at factory or IMCO’s state of the art workshop in Ambernath as required and reconditioned or new equipment to be readied for installation with dynamic balancing for rotary equipment.

4. Re-Installation of equipment:

Installation to be done by plant with supervision of critical components by IMCO experts . This includes dynamic balancing of rotary equipment after installation, checking of electricals,etc.

5. Installation & Commissioning & calibration of thresh-hold values:

Installation monitoring equipment at critical locations on the machinery and threshold limit calibrations to be done with the recommendations of the plant team over a period of one month after the plant starts running

6. Real time monitoring at given frequency

Data will be monitored in real time over as per the threshold limits and frequencies set for each data point.

Predictive Maintenance for Rotating Equipment




Coin- Our Flagship Product

Advantages Of Condition & Monitor




No Need of Maintenance, Calibration

Calibrated for life

No downtime, No periodic service

Readings in Deg Celsius or Fahrenheit

Units as per your needs

Easy readings

No data Loss in case of power down

COIN + Gateways has onboard flash


Always stay connected to machines

Wide Temp. range of operating conditions

across winter/ summer

Temp from -40 to +80 Deg C

Any existing + other machines operating in other conditions can be covered.

% RH wide range in Winter & summer

% RH from 0-95%

Any existing + future machines can be covered ( RH will be measured within an area covering 1-3ft in radius from the sensor).

Will cover all your vibrations patterns

Vibration – from 0 to 16 g (m/s2) available, can give Velocity, Displacement, Acceleration

No need to have additional sensors/

Hardware ( velocity of vibration (time required),displacement ( height of the vibration),Acceleration (G value)

Always up to date software

Can be updated via internet Hardware has onboard microprocessor +

Cutting edge technology in Industry 4.0

Remote connected

Hardware has onboard microprocessor + Networking ability


Wifi +Ble

Deliverables :

The Following Will Be The Added Benefits: