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Zuper Tip, the most cost effective sugar mill Knife chopper cutter leveller & mincer attachments are available in various sizes with Double “V” Edge & Flat Edge welded to the knife body shanks with special grade welding, adding extra strength. This is the most cost effective and time saving method of knife body protection than hard facing.  Our strict quality system ensures that all tips are of the same size & weight. This facilitates easy dynamic balancing and tip clearance setting.


Hi Nickel casting duly coated with Amorphous powder coating can withstand in 1100 – 1200 Deg. C temperature, high abrasion and corrosion Imco make Dip tubes have a crucial influence on the separation efficiency of a cyclone. Especially the design of a lower stage dip tube requires know-how and expertise in order to achieve a low pressure drop of the cyclone by retaining the best possible separation efficiency (to avoid too high dust circulation). The material choice is of great importance due to high operating temperatures, abrasive material and often existing chemical conditions. The cyclone dip tube length and diameter are naturally the most important design factors. In detailed calculations and experienced engineering are essential to find the optimized solution. Besides, a sliding suspension of the cyclone dip tube is recommendable to stay away from heat distortion of the cyclone dip tube and possible harm, the two of which would prompt higher pressing factor drop and helpless division. A Imco’s dip tube is fabricated in independent warmth distorted fragments. Most elevated separation effectiveness, simple and fast gathering and installation just as long strength are the fundamental attributes.

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