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Hot sinter coke at a temperature of 700-900°C is one of the most erosive materials leading to hot scaling wear in such high temperature conditions resulting in high oxidation & high creeping flex. In Steel industries grizzly bars assemble in sinter coke plants which is early wear and tear due to red hot sinter falling from height resulting in heavy impact, abrasion and high oxidation. Conventionally, in sinter coke plants the grizzly bars are casted in one piece hard-facing with high abrasion resistant welding on the working area. The wear occurs repeatedly on this working area thus leading to continued hard-facing process & frequently needs to change the grizzly bars from time to time. Ultimately leading to high cost & downtime losses. 

IMCO Alloys now offers the unchallenged durability, performance versatility and cost effectiveness in Grizzly Bar applications. 

Wear Problem:  

Red hot sinter falls from the height of 1 mtr. which creates Impact, Abrasion, High temperature oxidation

Key Benefits